Master Hairdresser

The founder of the Sananda Salon is exceptionally gifted and creative in coloration, innovative in hair cutting and styling with special emphasis on formal and Avant-guard hairstyles. In addition to being extremely dedicated to his work, he is a real expert in diagnosing the condition of the scalp and state of the hair and always prepared for thorough consultations with his clients.

Long-standing continuous work on the hairdressing scene, listening to and following world trends are among the most prominent characteristics of the founder and owner of the Sananda Salon. 

A long-time educator, he has been patiently and unselfishly transferring knowledge to numerous generations. His love for hairdressing, devotion to continual learning, participation in the promotion of the hairdressing profession, investing in himself and his team place him at the very top of the hairstyling scene in the region.

He has twenty years of experience in the hairdressing profession as an educator, having acquired his knowledge  and skills at seminars and lectures at academies in Amsterdam (Keune Academy), Prague, Vienna and Budapest (Schwarzkopf), London and Paris (La Biosthetique).

He is the owner of two hairdressing salons in Omiš and Split. This hairstyling creator has been captivating clients and audiences with his cutting, coloring, and styling methods for years all in the wish to improve or transform the image of the person he is working on. He relishes in creating new forms and textures and emphasizes as his priority the creation of special even glamorous hairstyles. When changing the color of his clients’ hair is at stake his advice is always respected and accepted. He is exceptionally natural and calm as a person and has transferred his broad knowledge to numerous colleagues at more than 300 seminars he held.