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Today, Keune Haircosmetics is one of the largest multinational companies dealing exclusively with hair and it is a family business.

The success of the brand is not accidental but rather the outcome of 99-year-old tradition in the production of hair cosmetics which primarily takes into account the high-quality criteria of its products and is the result of the cooperation of hairdressing experts and highly skilled staff from fields such as chemistry, microbiology, and pharmaceuticals.

All Keune products are manufactured and controlled exclusively in the Keune factory in Soeste near Amsterdam where the high quality of the products is controlled in the most advanced hi-tech cosmetics laboratory in Europe.

Each product is also tested in all Keune world centers where hairdressing experts verify the products and evaluate their use and quality.

In the process of production the use of active natural ingredients is insisted upon; such as plant extracts and essential oils whenever possible. Accordingly, the UVA and UVB filters contained in Keune products are naturally based.

Keune products are highly concentrated and contain a large number of conditioning components the end result of which is healthy hair.

Mr. George Keune is an active participant in the whole process of production and personally supervises each step in the creation of a new product, from the production process to the packaging design.

An indispensable part of the business activities of the Keune Company is a highly developed awareness of ecological and environmental protection issues.

We at Keune are constantly pondering on how we can be better and different. Good is not good enough, we want to be excellent. We do not necessarily wish to be the biggest. We want to be the best.

We have been producing hair products for professionals since 1922, but we are more than just suppliers. Become our partner and you will automatically join our global family.

You will find Keune in more than 80 countries but we are far from being a heartless multinational company.

We at Keune are a closely connected group of real people who create products for the hair care industry and are having fun at the same time.

That means that we are here to support you in all possible ways regardless of whether it concerns products, education, or a friendly conversation.

How does it work: we are helping you to acquire the best version of yourself in order for you to do the same for your clients.

We will succeed together.

We put people first. We do business with a personal touch because we care about you, your salon, and the people in your chairs. Your success is our success, literally.