Frequently Asked Questions

A master hairdresser is a person who has mastered all the techniques in the coloration and styling segments of the hairdressing profession while a hair stylist is someone who has not fully mastered some parts of the hairdressing profession or else does not wish to develop in that direction. In addition, a master hairdresser has at least ten years of experience in the profession.

When you are certain that you cannot make it! Of course, it would be desirable for the cancellation not to be at the last minute, particularly if your appointment implies work that takes a few hours.

Keep in mind that in the term you previously agreed upon your hairstylist remains idle, namely, she/he could not take on another client and in that way, you actually caused an irreplaceable loss.

We guarantee high-quality and professional work. However, if any undesirable situation should appear we are always ready to talk it over and solve any possible problem.

In that case, it is advisable to come to our Salon for consultations. Make your 15-minute appointment which is free of charge. We’ll establish a diagnosis, give recommendations, and come up with a solution…

All the targeted services are charged according to a valid price list, but we cannot always know beforehand how much the entire procedure will cost at the end. In agreement with the client, we can quote the approximate amount.

Each coloration that is being performed has a legally prescribed normative. If it happens that more grams are used than envisaged within the normative they are charged extra, but only as grams since the service itself has already been charged in the process.